Tuesday, June 28, 2011

tak STRESS pon (^_*)v

I would be lying if i say I was TOO BUSY and that's why I didn't update my blog. But the true is i'm SUPER BUSY while Salleha (my assistant) still on leave for a week (eh no, 1 week & 2 days okey). So I have to arrange everythings due to the event that will be held soon ' Anniversary MPPG'. Of course i'm the one of committee. Luckily the activities are not many as last year.

I 'supposed' to be bz with my 'hakiki works'. But everything is pending..admit that i'm not yet smart enough to handle job parallels...sorry boss. I only have two hands ;p

Plus there will be have exhibitions and every departments need to prepare because each department have their own booth. I'm still do nothing YET......tolong!!!!

ok, don't be stress..just put aside any stressful things and juz thought the happiness & joyful

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