Friday, July 16, 2010

~Home Sweet hOmE~

I'm thinking of to decorate my house nicely..opps, i mean my house that i rent now..hehhe.but don't  know which part I have to start. With the limited budget ( juz married..of course ler furniture pn x brape nk tak??) Try to make it even with the simple deco. Start browsing some magazine (dreaming can be like that) .....



ei...ei...dreaming ka????So far already...ok2..berpijak di bumi yg nyata okey..Sila lihat duit dlm purse anda dahulu..sekian terime kasih.

**p/s> WeLcOme to Mira.. mari memblog kan diri yeay....                


  1. t.q kak..
    nk deco umh strt dr bd room..
    followd by othr part..
    but ruang tamu pn pnting..
    sbb t de kwn yg kepoh n laser dtg mcm a**** confirm rejected kte hbis2 sbb knon2 xpndi his umh..keh..keh..
    creatve more important thn expensve furniture..

  2. agreed..heheh.dala a*** tu mmg lazer 24 hrs...pastu perli2 kte lak...tau la dia jenis pndai hias umh..raye nti dtg umh kite ye...

  3. owh its dat u farah??? wow u have a blog rite now..welcome to blogsphere dear :D

  4. yana...bley x tetibe nk terbuat blog..pd hal kte ni da la pemalas nk update..heheh.tngok la nnti.da la x reti sgt pon..gatal nk buat..ok...